TestimonialsKatje brings her heart, soul and spirit to her healing strategies and has a unique grasp of the intersection of mind and body health. She embodies the concept of whole-life healing and is brilliantly compassionate and insightful!

LG, Healthcare Provider – Sellwood, OR


Meeting with Katje over the past year and a half has been an important grounding force in my life during an extended period of discernment. The container we create together has allowed me to safely explore and learn from many different voices and attitudes within myself. Our sessions have helped me to identify and stay true to important values and goals. One of the most valuable aspects of my time with Katje has been the permission and invitation she offers – permission to completely inhabit a feeling or body symptom in order to learn from it and heal with it. Katje is adept at joining me with playfulness or gentleness and then pulling out the connecting thread that gives new perspective or insight. Katje embraces Big Life, and our counseling sessions always affirm my gifts and ways of being in the world, while inviting me to say hello to the less attractive voices without judgment. I have always found Katje to be warmly curious, professional, and creative. She is skilled at moving between modalities – movement, bodywork, conversation – to access the deep currents of the human spirit.

SK, Writer and Spiritual Counselor – Portland, OR


My first recommendation for a therapist is Katje Wagner. She is licensed, experienced, and one of the few people I would truly trust my life, feelings, honesty, and clarity with. She speaks the truth, takes all side, and has the skill, heart, and ability to help the right things happen for everyone.

BS, Psychologist – Portland, OR


Through Katje’s naturally open and intuitive spirit, I was able to develop and nurture a trusting relationship which served as the vehicle for my own deepening, as well as profound personal healing. Katje taught me about the interconnectness of my mind and body, consequently utilizing this delicate relationship to connect to my truth. Words were not always the perfect way for me to gain a greater understanding of myself and through whimsical physical and raw emotional exchanges I was connected to a greater understanding of myself. Katje possesses both power and grace as a healing practitioner.

CE, Teacher and School Counselor – Portland, OR


I really appreciate our time together and feel lucky that I found you.  Each session, I feel like you help me remove some major blocks in my system, and I walk away being that much closer to my true self…thank you.

AY, Acupuncture Student – Portland, OR


Through sessions with Katje, I’ve gained an opening to and fostering of my more expansive and benevolent self, which had been hidden to me before. Katje’s and my relationship has continued to grow and blossom. I feel met, appreciated, welcomed and pushed to be at my edge. I truly enjoy the unexpected, unfolding exchanges through our time together. I feel my inner confidence building gradually and I have a stronger sense of self worth and self love. I feel that my way in life is acceptable, joyful and important. I value Katje’s smile, play, creative spirit, and encouragement. Her focus and enquiry gets right to the nub of the situation. Her integrity, reliability and professionalism are very welcome and allow the process to flow with trust. I would recommend Katje to anyone who wants to delve into their inner world. She meets everything – good or bad – with respect and focus, which creates clarity and a sense of fulfillment.

KB, Counselor/Coach – London, UK


Katje is an exceptional therapist. In our work together, I have felt nurtured and challenged. I originally came to see Katje seeking help with a specific issue. Over the course of the last nine months, we have discovered connections between this issue and many other personal and professional struggles. These insights, and the tools I have developed through our work, have helped me make important changes to better support myself and cultivate healthy, satisfying relationships. I appreciate the unique combination of experiences that Katje brings to the therapeutic setting. Drawing on her background in performance, for example, she has given me the chance to explore different aspects of myself and allowed me to learn new ways of responding to different situations in a way that is more aligned with what I want for myself. My work and many of my professional and personal struggles are often related to social justice issues. I appreciate that Katje understands this critical lens on the world and that she can support me in pursuing my own development and growth in the context of a larger human experience. I always feel affirmed in terms of what I bring to our therapy sessions. Through our work I am learning to see what I would once have considered problems to be teachers, resources, and opportunities for transformation.

AG, University Professor – Portland, OR