Healing, Growth & Possibility

As a licensed counselor and holistic psychotherapist, I offer therapy for individuals, couples, and groups in order to help you connect more deeply with the challenges and opportunities you are facing in your life – and by doing so facilitate healing, growth, and new possibilities. My approach is based in Process-Oriented Psychology (Processwork) and includes somatic, experiential, interpersonal, and integrative methods.

I work with a broad range of issues related to holistic health, personal and professional development, including:

By exploring with precision and wonder that which troubles us, new information and natural directions arise, helping us to discover meaning, power, and creative solutions. By giving space and attention to our feelings and experiences – whether emotional, physical, connected with relationships or the societal and systemic challenges of living in this world – we are honoring the very thing which gives Life to life. Sessions bring relief, understanding, inspiration and direction.

I work in collaboration with clients as a creative therapeutic partnership. My style follows the process and needs of clients in order to discover each person’s unique wisdom and pathways toward change. Depending on what serves you best, our time together may include abstract thinking and problem-solving, body awareness, imagination and storytelling, dreamwork, movement, art, sound, communication and parts work, exploration of family history and the impact of socialization and cultural influences, as well as spiritual connections.

I welcome and work with people of all races, gender identities, ages, sexual orientations, and physical abilities. I’m committed to my own ongoing learning around biases and privilege, and how to use power in ways that support people to live and thrive amidst our diverse experiences.

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PLEASE NOTE: I offer all sessions via teletherapy – please contact me for more information.